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Lucy Liu at the 72nd Academy Awards, 2000

Lucy Liu at the 72nd Academy Awards, 2000

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Alan John Herbert - The Body





soon-my-time-will-come replied to your post “actual conversation in my drawing class”

This is college. It is wonderful. Get in good with the professors. One of mine gave me an extra week to submit a paper because I straight up forgot we had one due.

my drawing teacher has officially decided last week he loved me after I had been the only person to show up one class with the practice/homework 

also we take the same train together in the evenings some days. It’s weird, but it’s a nice weird

could you guys tell that I was on the edge of passing out in that last selfie

because guess what im bout to do

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for those of you who wanted to see those first 7 seconds of that thing i was gonna animate before book 4

maybe i’ll finish it someday idk




huge thank you to the-redeemable-faustus for my new Nug!! 

Sara approves (+10)

actual conversation in my drawing class

Teacher: “…and make sure to make your next homework something asymmetrical”

kid: “ugh I hate asymmetrical stuff”

Teacher: “Well, tough shit jimmy”

kid: “My name is Marco” 

Teacher: “well, toUGH SHIT JIMMY”

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New Exclusive Book 4 Clip

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the wip is finished


the wip is finished

I was in an area where it was 110 degrees just one week ago how the fuck is it 65 degrees now


testing out new brushes (◡‿◡✿)


testing out new brushes (◡‿◡✿)


*1/4 through a fanfic* wait i’ve read this before

*2/4 through a fanfic* lol no i haven’t wtf is hapenning

* 3/4 through  fanfic* OMG I’VE READ THIS BEFORE


it pisses me off more than anything seeing games like ‘here, here’s your damn female character are y ou fucking happy now like’

wow that must have been so hard. it must have been so hard having only fucking white males for 20 fucking plus year and then being ‘forced’ to put a woman in the game. so hard. so sorry.